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Full Version: T27p Call Parking
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Hello, i am new in this forum. i have vonage business system and i am using now T27P phones. i called vonage and i wanted setup call parking but they said u have to push transfer button and then *103 and automated message will tell u which parking spot used. and then go other locations and pick up phone dial *104 for retrieve call.
this is so much headache. i used before pizzacloud voip system and their system was so easy. i just hit park button thats it. and other locations park button blinking.i can pick up call any other location. so anyone have any idea how can i setup this DSS keys on these phones? i spend 11 hours in 2 days only with vonage technical services and they couldnt do that. please help !!!
have you tried a key as *103? (maybe speeddial or something?)
Then when on a call hit transfer -> key.
yes i did. but i wanna setup linekey for easy one button
How often does the parking lots change? Try it a few different times and see what different numbers you get. When you park a call with *103 can you dial the parking lot number provided to retrieve the call instead of dialing *104?
Hi All,

From the describe, i think *103 is the FAC code to park the call, *104 is the FAC code to retrieve the parked call.
the parking spot is auto assign by the server side and return to end user.
hope this help you.
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