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Full Version: VC400 and endpoints with camera
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We are planning to buy one unit for our main office.
Can users with videophones like VP530 or laptops with camera and a sip client that supports video take part in a conference on the VC400 or the VC400 can make video conference only with other yealink vc devices?

VP530 can work with VC400, no problem !

for desktop , we also provide desktop solution , you can download it from below link :

for the VC desktop , it is 30 days free trail , if you need to use it more than that , then a license is needed, you can connect our sales team for the license , email :


Can we use zoiper or bria to participate in the video conference? I am asking this because we might have some users with tables and smartphones. In the datasheet Yealink says that it supports something like this.
thanks for your information !

for zoiper and bria , it is SIP softphone right ?

Yealink VC400 can support 4 way video conference +1way audio , so it can support totally 5 way audio , and VC400 can support both H.323 and SIP dual protocol , so it is OK to connect zoiper and bria in the conference if the current conference is less than 5 way !

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