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Full Version: Reset Button on BS
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In the manual, the button on the W52P BS has three functions:
- paging
- registration mode
- reset BS

How long do I need to holding the button before release after pressing in order to reset the BS?

thanks for your information , what you mean is to do a hard rest for W52, the steps are below´╝Ü
1. connect the network cable to the base
2. long press the paging key on the base and not stop until step3 is finished
3. connect the power to base , waiting for the three lights on the base light up one by one , during the whole process, please keep pressing the paging key !
4. after the three lights all light up, release the paging key and reconnect the power supply


Yealink Wiki :
Q1. This is "factory reset", right?
Q2. In 4, does "reconnect the power supply" mean "power it off then on"?
Q3. So, this can't be done if the network cable feeds power (PoE)?

A1. yes, it is factory reset
A2 yes , i mean power it off then on
A3. it is OK , just keep press the paging key, then connect network cable on step 2 and 4


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