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Full Version: T26 FW vers. doesn't support Transport DNS-SRV
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Dear Support,
I have updated a T26 from vers. to vers but I have found the option "Transport DNS-SRV" is not available in the new version.
On the new is available the DNS-NAPTR but not the previous DNS-SRV. So my telephone had not worked after the upgrade. It has been necessary to change my option and enable the Outbound proxy server mode enabled, because my DNS server is not configured for DNS-NAPTR.
How Is it possible to use again DNS-SRV mode with the new FW ?

You must set the port of SIP server to 0 for NAPTR, SRV and A queries.

Please refer to more details in admin guide of T2 series.


very well,
I have modified the parameters
account.1.sip_server_host =
account.1.sip_server_port = 0
account.1.transport = 3

and now the telephone performs the registration with DNS-SRV too

Thank you
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