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Full Version: Autoanswer on click to dial feature
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Dear Support,
could you tell me how does the autoanswer feature on T26, T38, W52 and VP530 work?
My SIP server is able to send an header invite customized with specific "SIP alert Info" when I use my click2call server option.
My SIP server send "Ring Answer" or "info=alert-autoanswer" (I can choose it).
In this case the Yealink phone goes in autoanswer and the recall start.
It is very well, but I wish to know the specification of your Autoanswer feature.
Is it possible to modify the delay of autoanswer?There are some option in the .cfg file config?

Thank you for support
On the T46 and T26 I find under Features->General Information: Auto-Answer Delay(1~4s)
The config option is:
#Configure the delay time (in seconds)of auto answer. The time ranges from 1 to 4, the default value is 1s.
features.auto_answer_delay =

But I do not see this on the T38...


dear craigreilly,
I have found this option in the new fw vers and tomorrow I will test if it works.
I done another test adding features.auto_answer_delay = 3
in the privisioning file config into another T26 with old fw version but it answer always at the first ring. I find a similar thread here
Anyway, is there a specification about the kind of "SIP Alert Info" that the telephone needs for enabling the auto answer?
thank you
sip: INVITE messages include the following headers:
• Alert-Info: Auto Answer
• Call-Info: answer-after=0


Dear Support,
I have modified the INVITE header from my sip server
Call-Info: <sip:>;answer-after=3
Alert-Info: Ring Answer

and now the T26 delays the autoanswer correctly.

Another quick question only for my clarification;
how does the features.auto_answer_delay option work and when is it operative?

This syntax only take effect when you have enabled auto answer and server can sent correct call info header to phone.
Now you can test to change this syntax and test again.


Dear Support,
regarding the syntax and the call info header from my server is whole clear.

Now my question is about the telephone web interface: into the menu "Features >> General Informations I find the "Auto-Answer Delay(1~4s)" (see the figure attached).
How does this parameter work?. When does this parameter take effect?

This feature is a custom feature. It is a phone feature that will ring doulbe times when a call comes in.
If you set Auto-Answer Delay(1~4s) as 1, the coming call which server doesn't send auto-answer header will ring two times and auto answered.

I see you're asking about click to dial. I work for a company that offers this feature and creates a call record for every call, incoming and outgoing. Some of the information logged for each call include:

- Call Duration
- Direction (inbound vs. outbound)
- Name of user who made or received the call
- If it's an inbound call, the inbound extension (for example the queue or phone number it came in on)
- User extension (the extension of the user that answered the call)
- User device (i.e. cell phone vs. desk phone)
- Call notes entered by the user

All of this information is automatically linked to the contact/lead/account by phone number and the user has the flexibility to enter any pertinent information they deem useful. We have integrations with this platform:

Hope this helps!
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