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Full Version: BLF state not always correct
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We have 80 T46G Phones ( with Freeswitch(v1.2.stable) running. Most of the function are working great, only that from time to time the BLF Keys have the right state. For example that the DSS key is blinking (but the phone has answered the call) or sometimes the color is not red but the user is on the phone...

I something know about that? I don't know If that problem is the phone or maybe also Freeswitch.

Is there something that we can do/test/debug?

Thank you!
Do you have many BLF extensions in one T46G?
Can your PBX deal with many BLF notifys at the same time?
Or you can change below syntaxs and test again.
Go to webpage->Account->Advanced, change SIP Session Timer T1 (0.5~10s) longer for 1~2s; SIP Session Timer T2 (2~40s) to 6~7s.
Thank you for your answer.

I don't know if many BLF notifications is a problem for FreeSWITCH, but the software seems very scalable.On the phones we have 10-15 BLFs. I'm now in contact with the FreeSWITCH support team and I will clarify that.
I tried your configuration changes in my test env (only 6 phones on 2 locations) but the problem still exists. The problem is easy to reproduce using 2 phones on different locations.

I tried that way:
Phone A is calling phone B. phone B answers the call.
Phone C has configured BLF Keys containing phone A and phone C.
Phone C is calling phone A. The user is busy. The Led for user A has changed from green to red to green.
Until now all is working. If I try 2-3 times calling phone A then in a certain situation the status get out of order. After that the led for phone A keeps blinking and the led for phone C is red. After some minutes the status is back ok or instantly if someone is calling phone C.

Any idea?
I think your phones have sended many subscribe messages to server and server can't deal with them at one time.
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