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Full Version: Openvpn doesn't work with W52
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(06-19-2014 11:34 AM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi minooch´╝î

Sorry. Can you reset your W52P to factory and test again. So do you mean that your files can't be loaded to phone?
Can you creat a tewmviwer that i can remote control your computer and help you?


I've tried a factory reset, still no go. Yeah, the w52 fails to load my files.

I have teamviewer, how would you like to connect/contact?
(06-19-2014 12:08 PM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi please send your ID and password to ..

cheers, email sent.

Thanks for your help - Still can't believe it "just worked" after you connected. Thanks again
Hi minooch,

So i am a luck fairy? Big Grin
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