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Full Version: W52P no outgoing dial tone and no dial out
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Please help, I just install the new W52p wireless phone with my company Fortinet phone system. It receives incoming call fine, but I cannot make any outgoing call, when I dial an extension, there is no dial tone and no connection made. What should check in the configuration or others? I appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Please check the base, tab Account > Number Assignment - Outgoing lines, if the handset(s) are correctly assigned to an outgoing line (Account) as described on page 44 of the User Guide.
Thanks for your response and yes, I did set it up the same way as on page 44, and it still does not working.

Because you can receive calls but can’t make calls, the issue may be found in the PBX.
Is it possible to make internal calls? Do the PBX have some sort of echo test number?
Does the PBX create log files? Did you examine these files? Any error messages?
I’ve got it to work now. The reason it did not work because we had the Anonymous Call enabled in the account.
Thanks for your help.

Phoury Lei
Hi Phoury,

Thanks for the feedback.
I’m glad you have it work now.
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