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Full Version: ldaps (ldap+ssl) support?
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I am looking to deploy the SIP-T38G in my organization against Asterisk. Because we have more than 500 extensions I also want to set up an LDAP phonebook, but my users are primarily home office users on their own connections (AT&T, Comcast, and so on). For this reason I would prefer to encrypt the LDAP traffic, e.g. ldaps which is on port 636. I haven't found any indication that this is supported. Is it supported and I haven't found any documentation? If it is not supported, are any Yealink developers reading this who might consider implementing support?

We support LDAP and SSL features in some custom firmware of other phone models, such as T2X, T46 .
You can refer to more details in Yealink website(Support module).

Using LDAP Phonebook on Yealink SIP T3XG Phones Rev_70.0
Using TLS&SSL Certificates Feature on Yealink T3XG phones Rev_70.0
Just tested on T38G by changing the ldap port to 636 and adding the certificate to the phone (ldaps works well with openldap command line utils) and it doesn't works.
Sorry. This feature is made for custom firmware in T46G and T2X.
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