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Full Version: [split] T38G slow and unresponsive
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I'm having a lot of issues with T38's becoming slow and unresponsive after a few days. They then need restarted. When this happens, button presses (even dialing) take 1 second + to register with the phone. It also takes 4 - 5 extra seconds for calls to go through on dialing out, or when picking up. All issues go away after a restart. This is a new issue with the couple last firmware releases. Are we going to get a fix for this soon? I'm sick of getting phone calls 5 times a week to restart phones in one call center.
Sorry. Can you tell me the version of your T38G?

We are using 3CX as a PBX. Thanks!
Can you test below firmware which had fixed the multicase paging/audio delay / autop via https issues?
I am putting this firmware on one of the frequent problem phones. I will report back with results in a couple of days.


Ok, so I tried to update the phone to this firmware. The phone restarted and came up with the new firmware version. Shortly after, it restarted itself again and came back on the old firmware version. Hardware version # is
Alright - figured out why they were rolling back to the old firmware. That was something I overlooked. I put this firmware on 5 phones and will let you know if this fixes the issues. Thanks!


Dear GreenLine, I'm using the FW and occasionally I have your same problem on my Customer's T38.
Have you a good news after the upgrade to FWvers

It has been just over a week since I moved the problem phones over to I only moved the 6 worse offending phones over. So far, all seems to be well. I will give it until Monday next week before I really call it fixed. It is however looking to be way better as I haven't heard from anyone since last Wednesday (the day I was there) - this has never happened before at this call center.

EDIT: Also I had this problem all they way up through which appears to be a 3cx specific firmware release. Really glad this seems to have fixed it. Now I have to call 3CX and tell them I wasn't just being crazy Smile


Dear GreenLine. Thankyou for feedback.
I will wait next week for your (good) news.
Let me know. I'm very interested to known if solves this issue.
If you are like me, you have a few specific phones that are your real problem phones. I can say without a doubt it helped with those phones. I just called the user who always had issues and she hasn't had a problems at all since the update. I'd apply it to a couple and see how it does in your situation!
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