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Full Version: T22/T38G Ring timeout
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I have two types of yealink phones in our organisation T22 and T38G.
For both, even if in the PBX I set a ring timeout of 5 minutes, the phone send a busy after only 2 minutes.
Where can I find the setting to let the phone ring forever and let the SIP PBX decide when to cancel a ringing call.

Do you eanble " No Answer Forward" to 120 senonds?
You may also want to check if session timers are enabled on the phone or on the PBX side. Session timers will often kill a call at 2 minutes when there is no active RTP audio stream. If you can capture the SIP dialog, you should be able to see which side issues the BYE signal -- and that is the side running a session timer.

Hope that helps!
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