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Full Version: W52P Issue with LLDP and VLAN ID
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Hi Yealink Support,

We’ve installed a number of W52P units at customer location, and are having trouble when trying to set the VLAN ID via LLDP, or even when setting it manually in the Web GUI of the W52P itself.

LLDP is enabled by default on the W52P units. I have a switch setup in our lab where I have 3 Yealink devices – T27P, T46P and W52P. The T27P and T46P get the VLAN ID from LLDP and work correctly. However, the W52P does NOT accept the VLAN ID when sent via LLDP. I have created a Wireshark capture of the W52P booting up while connected to a switch that is advertising VLANID 7 via LLDP.

Also, if I manually set VLAN = Enabled, and set the VLAN ID (7 in my test), this does not work either – the device never obtains DHCP on the VLAN specified.

As a result, we have to have the customer force the switch port to be in the correct VLAN since the device doesn’t function correctly when set to LLDP or when setting the VLAN ID manually.

If I plug the W52P into a network switch with NO LLDP or NO VLAN information, it works perfectly fine.

We’re running a variety of firmwares, but in my example we are running the latest version,

Let me know if you need other info

I have sent this request to -- if you would also like the PCAP, please let me know where to also send it.

thanks for your information

Klaus is dealing with your issue through our ticket system, he will follow up !


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Hi, we are experiencing the same issue. Is there a fix for this please?

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