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Full Version: Phones sending INVITEs for CallForward OFF and DND OFF
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We’re getting reports of various Yealink phones dialing feature codes randomly. We’ve done testing with T46G, but also with T29 and T27 phones which are producing the same results.

From what we have found, when a new phone is plugged into the network and provisioned via RPS and also when a phone auto-provisions via HTTP/HTTPS and something is updated such as a DSS key, the phones send an INVITE to the SIP Server with the Always Forward Off Code and also the DND Off Code.

I have made 2 PCAPs:
1. T46-boot.pcap – this is a factory default T46G plugged into the network, booting up, contacting RPS and downloading it’s provisioning for the first time. After provisioning is complete, you can see 2 INVITES for *73 and *79 (CF OFF and DND OFF code) sent to the SIP Server (
2. T46-provison.pcap – this is a T46 that is already setup and working. Some DSS keys were changed by the SIP Provider. The phone reached the auto-provision interval and downloaded the new DSS Key layout. You can see 2 INVITES for *73 and *79 (CF OFF and DND OFF code) sent to the SIP Server..

These captures are on a T46G with Firmware Again, I have also tested this with other models such as T27 and T29 with the same result.

Why does this happen? This is very bad, as users may intentionally set DND or Call Forward and this gets TURNED OFF when provisioning occurs.

I have sent this request to just now. Please let me know if you would also like the PCAPs and where I should send them.

I also have made a trace from the phone while making the issue occur. I have the config.bin and syslog, etc if you would like me to send it.

thanks for your information

our engineer have update to you through ticket system ,so i will close this thread !

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