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Full Version: W52P - Call forward Feature code issue
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I have configured a Yealink W52P with a Unify Openscape Voice IPBX using TLS.


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Registration is ok., call in/ call out are OK.

Regarding feature configuration, I try to provision Feature codes to activate/deactivate call forward.

On the PBX, we use the the *40 followed by the extension to activate a call forward unconditional to a specific extension. We use the #40 to disable the call forward unconditional.

I have configured this on the phone in the Menu Phone> Line 1> Feature> Forward section

Activation of the call forward works fine

Desactivation doesn’t work because the phone sends the #40 followed by the extension on the PBX, and the PBX doesn't accept this, it needs only the trigger #40 to deactivate the call forward.

So I try to configure a rule in the dialplan on the W52P

But this dialplan seems to be bypassed when the W52P sends feature code to the PBX.

When I dial #40805 on the keypad, on the phone keypad , the translation to #40 is done and the the Callforward is disabled.

So following my understanding, the W52P should not send the extension after the desactivation feature code ( #40)or we should be able to change the dialed digits through the dialplan.

thanks for your help/advice


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