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Full Version: Configuring yealink to talk to Obi100/Obi110
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I have an Yealink T-22P and am trying to configure it to talk to Obi100/Oi110 devices. Is there any way to get Yealink to dialout with out registration? I tried by using Obi IP address and port number (5060/5061) in place of SIP Host and when I click on confirm it tries to register and filed with "Register Failed" status. If I dial a number then call is not going out with a message " Not Found" on the display screen. I already updated the phone to the latest firmware. Appreciate your help.

Doesn't the obi take an analog phone?
How does the yealink connect to it? I am guessing it is an unsupported configuration...
Though you could try this:
I am aware of the link you posted and it talks about configuring a Cisco phone. I was able to configure a Zoiper on my PC with that kind of setup to talk to Obi and make calls out and was trying to replicate it using Yealink phone with out any success. Is there any way to dial out with out successful registration? I have a PSTN line connected to my Obi and want a setup where my Yealink calls can go through that PSTN via Obi. Also based on the link you provided, I can also make VOIP calls (GV or SIP provider) as long as I can get Yealink to talk to Obi. Appreciate any help in figuring this out. Thanks.
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