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Full Version: Problem with 5th account
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I've got a Yealink W52P with one base and five handsets. It all works fine with four handsets and four accounts, but then I enable the fifth account (in the web interface), everything goes haywire, with calls being dropped erratically, extensions not recognised and so forth.

The only solution I have is to leave the fifth account disabled, but that leaves me unable to use my fifth handset.

Any suggestions?



Connecting to a Draytek 2820 IP PBX
1. Firstly, please upgrade your handset version to the latest one.
2. Secondly, do you assign all acounts to all handsets or just one by one?
3. How offen do calls drop? Every one hour or one day?
4. What are the hardware of your handsets?
1 Can you point me to instructions to upgrade the handsets from a Mac, please? But I notice that just enabling the 5th account, with the 5th handset switched off, causes issues

2 I assign one account per handset

3 It's hard describe what happens, but basically nothing works. For example, I call the hunt group number, the callers sees a failed call, but some of the extensions still ring. Handsets behave erratically - sometimes working, sometimes not working. It's completely unusable and immediately obvious.

If the issue is about hunt group, may be you can test the latest version 25/

Sorry. We don't support Mac to upgrade handsets becasue the upgrade tool just can be used in Windows.
Upgrading W52x Handset Firmware
Ok, I've updated the base to which has not resolved the issue. I'm trying to update the handsets using Windows 7 running on VMWare on my Mac, but even though the flasher can see the handset (handset code is correct), the update doesn't seem to take place. I'll try again with a native Windows machine at some point.

Does it matter if my base and handset firmware is out of sync? I'm using and at the moment.
The lower version of handsets has some bugs such as lose connection, call drops and so on. Also you can't use repeater function when the version is lower than
I've successfully updated one of my five handsets, but it isn't registering to the base. I can't figure out how to register it - the base says full and the handset options don't seem to do anything.

Any suggestions how to re-register it, please? Is it because you can't register handsets with differing firmware to the same base at the same time?

I've tried all sorts of things, including resetting the base. The other four handsets register fine, but the handset with upgraded firmware will not register. I can re-upgrade the firmware on the handset in question, so it's responsive, but doing it again didn't help. Any ideas?
Base is
Working handsets are
Broken handset is
Sorry. Please de-register to base via handset interface.
Press OK button when handset is idle->Settings->Registration->De-reg.Handset->Input PIN, then choose the handset name that you want to de-register to base.
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