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Full Version: Prrovision "Call List Show Number"
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hi all, I would to pass to the phone the setting
Call List Show Number =1

but I cannot file naywhere the right sintax to write in provision file, I've try all this....

features.call_list_show_number_enable = 1
features.call_list_show_num_enable = 1
features.call_list_show_number = 1
features.call_list_show_num_enable = 1

but no one work....

could anyone please tell me the right sintax

Im' testin a T19p with firmware

Many thank
Sorry. This can't be set by auto provisioning now and we will solve it in V73.

We've recently bought the new T27G phones and noticed that this feature is enabled by default.

The setting for the provisioning template is "features.call_log_show_num = 0"

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