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Full Version: Blind / Attended Transfer via dss key
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I would like to know what I need to enter into my .cfg file in order to make my DSS keys attended transfer not Blind?

I understand it is under features and have the below configured at the moment

[ Features ]
path = /config/Features/Phone.cfg
Call_Waiting = 1
Hotlinenumber =
BusyToneDelay =
LCD_Logo = 0
DND_Code = 480
Refuse_Code = 480
DND_On_Code = *78
DND_Off_Code = *79
ButtonSoundOn = 1
LiveDialpad = 1
What phone and firmware?
Ahh yes - T26p running f/w
From the config file...

Your config file is a v60 version I think... See these links for the new config file template

From this page:

Thank you - I will have a look at this
Ok -I am still having trouble. So I have decided to try configure these phone with out the Auto provision and simply upload a Config manually to the phone. I have defaulted the phone to Factory. I have then taken a config download with Factory settings. I have then gone and changed the Transfer type via DSS Key to Attended via the GUI and again taken a config download. I have opened both configs with Notepad++ and found that both configs are exactly the same regardless of config change as below:

[ Features-Transfer ]
semi-attend-transfer = 0
Semi-Attend-Trans-OnHook = 0
blind-tran-onhook = 0
transfer-on-conference-hang-up = 0
TransferModeViaDsskey = 0

Firstly, The TransferModeViaDSSkey should equal = 2 by default as it is set to Blind.

However, I have modified the Config file to Read TransferModeViaDsskey = 1, saved and then uploaded. Nothing changes as it stays blind transfer. I then export the Config and can see that the Config file shows the modification I have made?

If it is possible, could somebody please provide me with an example of a working phone that has this function changed via Auto provision or Config file?.
Please change your common.cfg file to y000000000004.cfg, then fill it with below syntax and auto provisioning again.

##It configures the DSS key behavior during an active call when user presses the DSS
##key and the DSS key is configured as a speed dial, transfer or BLF/BLF list key.
##0-New Call,1-Attended Transfer,2-Blind Transfer.
##The default value is 2.
transfer.dsskey_deal_type = 1
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