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Full Version: Using DSS Keys to complete full functions
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I'm currently Testing on a T41P. Is this a possible scenario:
DSS 1 Key Type: Intercom - Value: *50 (system intercom * code)
DSS 2 Key Type: Speed Dial - Value: 1234 (extension of another phone)

Pick up handset > Hit DSS 1 Key > Get 2nd dial tone for intercom > Hit DSS 2 Key > Have it intercom 2nd station?

So far in my testing, it just disconnects the call and does not connect to the other phone whatsoever.

In this scenario, it works:
Pick up handset > Hit DSS 1 Key > Get 2nd dial tone for intercom > Dial extension 1234 and then # > It triggers the speaker phone successfully.

My goal is to save whoever is using the phone from having to remember extensions or * codes. Thank you to anyone who reads/helps!! Smile
Instead of using an intercom key for your *50 try setting the key as "Prefix" you should then be able to lift the handset press the prefix button with *50 programmed to it then press the BLF key for the extension you want to intercom. This works for me as long as I am not trying to actively transfer a call using this scenario. Yealink is supposed to make the call transfer scenario work in an upcoming firmware version.

I had attempted to try that scenario and what ends up happening:

I see the * code show up on the phone as *50, which is perfect. Then when I hit the BLF key, it only shows the phone dialing extension 1234. Its almost as if its overriding or disregarding the other DSS key setup after pushing the BLF key. So instead of actually dialing *501234, it ends up dialing just 1234.

I think using this method will make things work half way, which is awesome. I'm just hoping that maybe there's a setting that's causing the BLF List key to react the way it is and finding it/disabling it will make it so I can hit my goal?

Thank you again for any and all assistance! Smile
What is the firmware version on your phone?
On this Yealink T41, it is: Smile
I know the ability to use the Prefix button + the BLF key became possible in 2.71.0 165 for my T28P phones but I am not sure when it was realized in the T41 phones. You may want to see if you can upgrade to a newer firmware and test again. The xx.xx.8.x in your firmware makes me think that it is probably custom to a particular reseller so you will more than likely have to get a firmware upgrade from them as most of the custom firmware is protected and will not let you upgrade to a neutral version.
Excellent! Thank you rlsabin for all of your help. Smile I will definitely see what I can do here.
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