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Full Version: PFSense OpenVPN T26P
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I am trying to setup a T26P to connect to PFSense via OpenVPN. I have looked through various posts and followed all the guides but am still able to connect. If i download the Microsoft installer from PFSense i can install the package on a windows machine and the VPN will connect. When i install the Yealink.tar file on the Yealink phone the VPN starts to negotiate but fails will either a timeout message or a TLS handshake failure message.

Has anyone any troubleshooting guides?
please make sure Yealink.tar file contains vpn.cnf( please don't change this name) and keys folder(Please don't change the name of folder).
Hi Yes i have done both of these - it makes no difference. On the PFSense i can see the phone attempting to connect but it doesn't get an IP address and has a TLS timeout failure in the logs.
Do you follow the latest guide of OPENVPN?
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