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Full Version: New 48 G but call quality is poor
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Hi, I previously used a siemens 610IP for my voip calls, quality has been great.

But decided that yealink 48g would enable more features.

Problem I have is that the receiving party complains that there is a lot of background noise when using a headset.

When I call that person using the handset, quality is good.

I tried my old siemens using a plantronics headset, quality was good. I am lost...

Sennheiser SC 630 Corded Headset

Sennheiser CHS 24 Cable
I have tried without the headset a few times and the quality is now ok.

But still very poor quality when using the headset. Is it possible for support to double check and see if this headset is compatible with the 48g model.

I love the phone otherwise, just the headset issue that is causing problems now...

I have an old neck injury so headset is a must...

Sennheiser SC 630 Corded Headset HESECOSC630 1

Sennheiser CHS 24 Cable HESECACHS24 1

Sorry for the delay, you can get know the compatible headset with Yealink from the link below.

The headset can compatible with Yealink. Suggest that you can increase the headset send volume then test again.
You can configure this setting via the web interface->features->audio. The default parameter is 0. You can decrease the parameter then test again.
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