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Full Version: BLF LEDs Not functioning - After firmware update
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I have a T26p phone that recently updated to the newest firmware. After the update, I've noticed the BLF Led that normally is lit for my extension is no longer lit up.

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

BLF LED Mode = 0 (default) While the phone is Idle, the light should be lit.

Any thoughts on this?

I am having the same problem.

I went back to older Firmware ( and BLF LEDs would still not work.
I did a Factory Reset and the BLF LEDs worked.

I went back to the current Firmware - same problem.
I did a Factory Reset - same problem (strange that the Factory Reset at this point did NOT reset all parameters - did this multiple times from the Phone and from the Web interface).

I went back to the old Firmware and did a Factory Reset again - BLF LEDs work fine.

So frustrating!
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