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Full Version: Can a t26p monitor the BLF of a t20 ?
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Hi there,

I have a customer with a few t20's and a t20p.

They have built some new offices and need blf buttons, can the t26p see the blf of the t20 handsets directly ?

What do you mean? Do you want to BLF the extension on T20P?
You can refer to admin guide of T2X.
are you using a PBX?
Hi there,

Thanks for the replies
We are running a trixbox, but the free/busy information has issues and I have spent more time that I care to trying to resolve that, I was under the impression that the Yealink phones can monitor each other BLF without going through the pbx?

Thanks, will read the admin manual when I have a chance.

so the plan was to install some t26p's and have the blf keys setup to monitor the t20 extensions... just need to know if that will work so I can order the phones.

You can monitor blf extensions of T20 in T26P but need to go through the pbx.
ah bugger, the PBX is having issues with the free/busy information which will probably cause an issue.

Do you know if freepbx works well with the BLF feature ?
Hi you can refer to below link about how to configure Trixbox with Yealink phone.
Thank you, is there a guide for Freepbx?

currently not. Sorry.
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