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Full Version: Direct to voicemail transfer with BLF in asterisk - T46G
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Yealink Support, is there any update on implementing this feature request in the way everyone seems to want it to work?

For anyone with more than a couple phones, this feature is important. We're asking for a solution that will automate a redundant task for every receptionist.

Currently, you require the following steps:
1. Press <transfer>
2. Press * or press a DSS key programmed as PREFIX = *
3. Press BLF button
4. Wait for call to connect to voicemail
5. Press <transfer> again or hang up

The problem is that since we have to wait for the call to connect to voicemail (step 4) before hanging up, the call being transferred misses the first part of the voicemail announcement. Plus, it takes 5 button presses.

The following works fine (note, no use of BLF):
1. Press <transfer>
2. Press * + <extension>
3. Press <transfer> again or hang up (no need to wait for the call to connect)

What we ALL seem to want is:
1. Press new <BLIND transfer to voicemail> button
2. Press BLF button

Note, that would be 2 buttons to press and DONE -- nothing more to press.
I would also benefit extremely from this feature as well (for the T48G as well). Seems to be 2.5 years in the making now... Any update on making this simple direct to voicemail option doable? Also would love it to work when the DSS key transfer mode is set to "attended transfer" by default. We use attended mode majority of the time. Right now I can't even set a DSS key to do direct to voicemail and have it work properly when the DSS keys are set to attended transfer.

On that same note, why not have the DSS keys be individually assigned Blind or Attended? That would make things even better. At least then I could have one key for ext 10 set to attended transfer and 1 key for ext *10 set to blind transfer to voicemail.

I have been waiting since 2015 as well.
I really would love some progress here...
Automatic voicemail BLF would be fantastic...
Currently it is not really good...
Is there any update or resolution to this? I'm coming from Grandstream, where even with their shortcomings, they were able to do a simple task of <Transfer> <*> <BLF of user to push voicemail to>
(03-09-2015 08:42 AM)James_Yealink Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

We have supported transfer + prefix + blf in V73 as requested before.
Since some dsskey mechnism in Yealink phones. "Prefix + blf" tranfer to voice mail is not supported yet.

Hi telepathinc,
Is it possible that you can change the voice mail code in the system? It seems that xxx* is used very little.


Any movement on this issue? Really been waiting long time. You can see this topic is viewed quite often. It's a problem which needs attention.

I agree, much too long waiting for this. No attention to matter, and a very viewed topic. Yealink can you respond please....we need solution! over 45,000+ views!!!!!!!
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