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Full Version: Ringing on BLF
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Is it possible to make a Yealink phone ring on a BLF monitored extension? I am using T4 series phones.

Hi sharkbitz,

What do you mean by making a yealink phone ring on a BLF monitored extension?
Do you want to busy-forward calls to BLF enxtensions?
You can refer to more details about forward feature in admin guide of T4X.
If the monitored BLF extension is in ringing state, I want the phone that is monitoring this extension to ring. Does this make sense?
You want an actual ring tone instead of just the beep that can be configured now for monitored extensions?
Yes, exactly.
Visual alert and audio alert for BLF pickup allow the supervisor’s phone to play an alert tone and display a visual prompt (e.g., “6001<-6002”, 6001 is the monitored extensionand receives an incoming call from 6002) when the monitored user receives an
incoming call. In addition to the BLF key, visual alert for BLF pickup enables the supervisors to pick up the monitored user’s incoming call by pressing the Pickup soft key.
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