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Full Version: Mikrotik POE
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Is anyone using the passive poe output of the Mikrotik RB750UP to power their Yealink phones? I am using the T20P & T42G

Also, any input regarding use of the Mikrotik is welcome.
Mikrotik POE will power a Ubitquiti UniFi access point.

It will not power Yealink phones.
Hi schmerold´╝î

Yealink phones are IEEE 802.3af compatible device.
[Standards of POE]
Yealink POE standards for the main power supply characteristic parameters of the power supply system:
1. The voltage between 44 ~ 57 V, typical values is 48 V.
2. Allow the maximum current 550 mA; the biggest starting current is 500 mA.
3. The typical working current is 10 ~ 350 mA, the overload test current is 350~500 mA.
4. The biggest current is 5 mA in condition of no load.
Sir, so Can your mikrotik PoE charge yealink ip phone?
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