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Full Version: Autoprovisioning T22 not working
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We had to reinstall our 3CX server and now half of the phones will not auto provision. They send the request but it always fails. Phone details:

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

We did factory resets to no avail. I've attached the config level 6 from one of the phones not working. We have tried DHCP and also static IP's but neither option works. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
Hi paulg,

Please check the release note of
Yealink SIP phones Relese Note Of Version V72
I have checked the release notes listed and I do not see anything that applies to this situation - can you please clarify what it is I am supposed to be looking for? All the release notes discuss is personal settings in auto provision.
Hi paulg,

Sorry for the late reply.
1. Can you check to auto provsioning via webpage?
2. Do you test version
3. Do you use CTI to auto provisioning?
Thanks for your help. The problem was that our router's DHCP Primary Pool was set to Public rather than Private which screwed up the Auto Provisioning.
Thanks to your feedback.
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