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Full Version: Email Voicemail and keep the voicemail light on
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I am having an issue with my T37 and having the voicemail be emailed and keep the voicemail light lit. Is this possilbe? i can't seem to find anywhere on the phone to set this up. After the voicemail is sent via email the voicemail light is no longer lit.

thanks for your infomation.

First of all,do you mean T38?because there is not a product named T37 of yealink phones.

secondly,would you please kindly tell me how do you sent a voicemail via email.

In fact,Yealink phone support the voicemail feature,and when there is a new voicemail,the "message" key will light up.


My apologies, it's a T27. I have the extension in the PBX system (elastix) to email any new voicemails that are left but the "Message" key is not lighting up.
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