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Full Version: Possibility to transfer with call waiting disabled
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When using Yealink SIP Phones I can receive more than one call in my SIP account.
I want to disable call waiting, so that if an extension calls me and I'm occupied the phone states that. But, if I disable call waiting I can no longer transfer any call.
Anyway I can prevent the phone from receiving calls when I'm on talking but still be able to transfer any call ?

Best Regards,
João Raposinho
I think not
if you disable the call waiting feature,you will not receive the second line or third line,and so on.

so you could not transfer the 2th/3th...line.

but you can transfer the talking call,if you mean after disable the call waiting ,you even cound not transfer the

talking line,please upgrade to the last firmaware and reset the phone,then test again.

if above operations could not be useful,please send the config.bin file,PCAP file and systemlog(level) to,then we will do a further analyze.
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