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Full Version: re-REGISTER after network unavailable or network difficulties
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I want my Yealink devices ( T[234][0-9][GP] ) devices to automatically re-REGISTER after any of the following conditions :

1. network cable disconnect and reconnect
2. Keep alive packet reply is not received in timely manner
3. Condition that causes the Yealink device to say "Network unavailable".

I can't seem to find any option on my yealink devices for this.

My test devices are a T46G with and a T29G .

Thank you,
normally,after the network cable reconnected,the account will registed again automatically.

so I suggest you upgrade to the last firmware,then test again.

you can get the last firmawe from below link:
I also have this problem when there is an intermittent connectivity issue or the WAN link changes IP addresses. My T48G does not have the network cable reconnected in this case, as it’s powered via PoE and the link never goes down.

It seems that if the keep-alive packet is not received, it would automatically re-register.

I am running firmware Is there a beta firmware that I can’t find which resolves this issue?

Thank you.
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