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Full Version: Bad Call Quality on T23G
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We have significant issues with call quality on our T23G phones.
People describe it as voice dropping out when two people start talking over each other.
Something that usually happens with non full duplex phones. Why could that be happening?

I have a similar problem with a T21PE2, firmware version connected to a virtual PBX.
It happens on some calls, not all of them, but is quite irritating.

On my software phone (Zoiper) connected to the same virtual PBX i solved by disabling echo cancellation.
I tried the same on the T21PE2 with no results.

Any ideas?

I just updated to firmware, but i had not the chance to test it.
When doing an echo test to my Asterisk server (*43) and I make a continuous sound, which should be played back to me, the sound comes back in pieces, i.e. sound - short pause - sound instead of continuous.

We have a fleet of T23G on the latest firmware and many people report that problem.

This is not happening from my T20P.
Yes, same here.
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