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Full Version: T38G
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For quite some time the Yealink T38G model we are using have been giving us a lot of issues. One in particular is not being able to completely dial the whole conference leader or participant code. When we attempt to dial one of these number the operator doesn't seem to accept it or it gives us a message that the number was entered incorrectly EVEN though it was entered CORRECTLY.

We currently only support firmware:

Is this a known issue for this firmware version? It is not just happening on one person but everyone who tries to dial in to a conference room. There are days where it works fine.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

do you mean the DTMF during a call ?

is yes, it is advised to change the DTMF type and then try again , the default DTMF type is RFC2833

webpage path : Account -> Advanced -> DTMF Type


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