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Full Version: Change label string
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Sometimes we don't understand the meaning of the string because the string is much bigger than space label, besides, the horizontal aling is "center". We have set spanish language.Cool

Is it possible to change the label string? I know we can change the softkeys label, but I cannot change or I haven't found the way to change the string e.g. when we are in a call and we do the transfer, you see "Desvio Llamada", etc.


thanks for your information

may i know that which model and firmware you are using ?

please upgrade to the newest firmware :

then adjust the label length like below screen shot !



Thank you for your response.

I'm speaking about T23G and we are using the latest firmware, but I think that doesn't matter because in this model isn't possible to change the label size.

Look at the picture, in the third softkey, we see "va llam", and the full string should be "Nueva llamada". This string ("Nueva llamada") is too large, I know, for this reason I'm asking you if is it possible to change this string by us, whit layout language xml or similar.

If the translation from english to spanish is embedded in the firmware, and we cannot to change, if you want, we can send you a complete set spanish language, improving the current version.

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