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Full Version: Limit maximum of active calls per phone
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This behavior is the same across several tested phone models: T40, T29G, T46, etc.

If we setup 1 account with 2 Line keys mapped to this Line 1 (account 1), we can receive or make the call by selecting key 1 or 2 (works as expected)

But even if we have 2 calls (1 active and 2nd on hold), phone will receive 3rd, 45th, etc. call. How we can set the limit of active calls per account?

We also tried setting up "call_waiting.enable = 0", but then only 1 call is accepted, even if we have 2 Line Keys mapped to the same account.

when you enable call waiting feature,the phone will receive more incoming calls,

but when you disable call waiting,because there is only one account 1,so the second call could not be received.

so the key 2 will not ring.


Klaus, thanks, but this is not the answer to my question.
I wanted to know how we can configure phone to accept only up to 2 (or 3, etc.) calls on the same account.

With other vendor (Cisco), number of Line Keys mapping was defining the maximum calls per account + 1 additional call if call waiting was enabled. For example, f we have 2 Line Keys mapped to one account, 1st call was received on Line Key 1, 2nd call on Line Key 2, and if call waiting was enabled, 3rd call was received on the last Line Key (2). 4th call was rejected by the phone.

thanks for your information

but as i know that phone side doesn't have this settings , but you can limit it on the SIP Server side to allow mostly 2 calls to the same account and enable the call waiting on the phone !


Hi Michael,

Our SIP server can not limit number of calls per phone. Are you planing to add this feature for your phones?

Until then, we are trying to come up with workaround, and I have a different question:
Is it possible to setup call waiting per account, and not for the whole phone. If we configure "call_waiting.enable = 0", and we setup 2 accounts, and assign a Line key for each account, when call is answered on account1, an incoming call to account2 is rejected. We are hoping that ""call_waiting.enable = 0" will allow only 1 call PER ACCOUNT, and we wanted to use this method to limit total of 2 calls per phone. Is this possible?
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