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Full Version: W52Ps continue ringing after call picked up on other phone
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Hi guys, bit of a strange issue here. We've got 5 T28Ps and 3 W52Ps (on one base station) all set to ring on an incoming call, and normally this works fine. However today something strange happened. When a call came in, all phones rang as per usual, except when the call was answered on one of the T28Ps, the W52Ps continued to ring, and ring and ring until the cancel button was pressed on both of them.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

This happened all day until I reset the base station but I did get a pcap from the base station of the problem occurring, if someone could examine it and tell me whats going on that would be great. Let me know and I can send you the pcap.

do you mean the scenario as below: register the 5 T28Ps and 3 W52Ps with the same account.

2.when there is an incoming call,the 8 handset will ring toghter.

3.when you answer the call with one T28,the other T28 will not ring,but W52P will contiue ring?

please tell me if any misunderstanding?

if yes,please help me the get the answer of belwo question:

1. what's the paltform do you use? you mean after you reset the base,w52p will not ring?

so for this issue,I suggest you upgrade to the last firmawre and reset he 8 phoens,then test again.

after that,if this issue still exist,Please send the level 6 system log, config.bin file and PCAP traces to

About how to get these files, please refer to this FAQ:

Then I will submit the three files to our R&D for analyze!

notice:the three files are very important,because R&D can't analyze this issue without these files.


1. So 8 phones, all in separate sip accounts but they are all in the same ring group.

2. Yes they all ring together.

3. Yes this is correct.

I'm unsure of what platform it is exactly. We wholesale Voyager Internet (in New Zealand). We access the backend using and I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that's its some sort of skinned version of Kazoo/2600hz

After I reset the base, the phones operated normally, ringing when a call came through, and stopping when the call was answered.

I made sure all the firmware was up to date.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the problem isn't happening any more, and I wasn't able to (I forgot, and our customer was very angry and wanted it working) to get the system log. So until it happens again, if it ever does, there's no point in getting a system log.

I just thought on the off chance it was something that had happened before you might be able to give me some info on how to stop it happening again but I guess I'll wait for it to happen again.
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