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Full Version: T28P with Group Listen
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I don't know why my speakerphone is all the time in Group Listen mode, I mean during a call I press the speakerphone button an I listen the caller by the speakerphone but the caller only listen me when I speak through the handset.
I have added a key to swith the Group Listen mode, but I can't get out from that mode.
What I need is with Speakerphone I listen the caller and the caller listen to me via speakerphone not handset.
Does it happened to somebody else?
Would you please tell me the firmware of your phone?

Suggest that you can reset the phone then test again, you can press the OK button about 10 sec to reset the phone.
Thanks for the reply.
My firmware version is
I just reset it to factory values, but still the same problem.
Too bad.
Actually, after reseting to factory values, change the ip, logo and a test call the phone blocked so I unplugg off an on the power and now it is just Initializing please wait, nothing else. I tryed the recovery mode, but pressing the Speaker button after a power on doesn't ask me for the tftp address.
I can access to Web Manager, but reseting to factory / reboot / or any other change doesn't do anything just in Initializing state.
It became a brick.
Amazing, because the logo didn't like it blocked the phone. Once I changed the logo to the default one it comes to life. Nonsense.
Still working as the Group Listening feature without letting me turn it off. Weird.
I tested here with version, and it work normally here.
Do you reset the phone correctly? Is that you press the OK button about 10 sec to reset the phone?
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