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Full Version: some phones 'unreachable'
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Just as I finally got everything working well, we moved offices. I know have two phones in the new space that consistently show 'unreachable' from sip show peers. If I reboot the phone they show up for a period of time and then drop off again. I'm using EPM in FreePBX to create the configurations and all of the phones use the same base file for the particular model. The PBX is located at an offsite Colocation facility.

All of the other phones even the others of the same model all show up as reachable and can receive incoming calls.

I had this same issue and the problem was a firewall issue, but that affected >all< of the phones, not just two.

Has anyone ever seen this issue before or maybe have some suggestions of how to get these two phones to keep their pbx connection active?

Thanks in advance.
Hi dwoods,

Do they have the same firmware of the same model?
Can you register other accounts in these two phones?
1. Do you replace the network cable and test again?
2. replace a switch
3. Clear the server cache
4. Find a well port and a computer which can connect to this port and network. Then the issued phone connects this port by internet port and computer connects to phone by PC port. Please check wether computer can obtain network now.
If yes, it may be software problem; if not, it should be hardware problem.
Please tell me the model and more infos.
Seems the issue was a codec one. We had accidentally enabled a codec that was not installed on the PBX while trying to re-prioritize the codecs. I don't understand why this would keep the PBX from sending a qualify to the phones, but it seems to have. After turning off the non-installed codec the phones and PBX all started acting normally.

As to the questions, firmware is consistent across the same model. We don't have a cold spare POE switch so couldn't try that. After rebooting all phones, POE switches and PBX the problem moved to different phones, so not a cable issue.
Thanks to your feedback.
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