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Full Version: T20P v72 software
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Where can I download v72 software for the T20P? The support page only has v73.

We just ran into a severe issue with v73 on T20P and T22P phones. Fortunately v72 is still available on the support page for the T22P and a quick downgrade resolves the problem.

The problem with v73 is that when the phone has DHCP + OpenVPN enabled, it stays in an endless loop saying on the LCD that it can't get an IP address. If I disable VPN via the LCD screen all is good. If on the other hand I disable DHCP and set a static IP, all is good as well.

I am not looking for a software fix since these phones are EOL, I just want to be able to download the older v72 and be able to use them properly.

Would you please tell me what version of V72 do you want?
(03-10-2016 03:56 AM)Yealink_Karl Wrote: [ -> ]Would you please tell me what version of V72 do you want?

Version or would be great.

You can download the files from the link:
Great. Thanks!
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