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Full Version: T22P Storm iPath 70 Related Admin Reset
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I've searched throughout this forum for an answer and thus am stumped as i can't find a resolution.

I have a large amount of Storm iPath 70 (Yealink T22P) phones but all locked out as we cannot reset the admin password.

We have tried the usual of admin and admin with no luck, we've held down the OK button and reset.

We have also held the speaker button and reset with the latest T22P firmware of through a TFTP server and still cannot access the phone??

Am i missing something is there anyway of resetting??

Help would be appreciated.
Sorry to bring this back to the top, but i really need help with this issue, somebody must have come across this issue?
1. can you tell me how many phones do you have?
2. Please take a photo of the phone interface when the phone try to recovery.(hold the spreaker button and reset the phone).
I want to check, I think maybe you fill wrong IP address.
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