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Full Version: Wireless Headset will not passing ring with T46G
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We have a customer with a high end SENNHEISER OfficeRunner wireless headset.
There is no problem with regular audio through it, but the Ringing does not come through so they don't know when a call is coming in while walking around. I have made the change in the GUI which is set to Speaker and Headset and pushed the headset button on the phone, its lit. However, they cannot hear the ringing.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions as what may be wrong ?

make sure this headset is in the compatible list,you can get the list from below link:

secondly,please try to configure the " Ringer Device for Headset"=use headset,then test again.


Thank you for the information. It appears the EHS36 Wireless Headset interface provides the incoming call audio to wireless headsets. I assume this is the real fix?
Useful and helpful messages for us. Thanks.
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