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Full Version: Autoprovision and DHCP Option 43
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I want to configure autoprovision using DHCP Option 43. Windows Server 2003 as a DHCP server. Tell me please, how to configure DHCP server option 43. To when the phone connected on the local network, received autoprovision.
Hi mrI,

You can refer to auto provisioning guide for DHCP Option.
Very good instructions but on how to configure a DHCP server for Windows using DHCP Turbo. I'm trying to configure DHCP server based –úS Windows server platform.
Found a similar setting for Cisco :
How to configure Yealink Sip-t2x series ?
Hi mrI,

You can configure DHCP server baed MS Windows server platform follow by Cisco link.
You can configure T2x-v72 phones as t46G auto provisioning guide.
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