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Full Version: Button to predial before a DSS key
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I would love to see this feature too. Yealink--any idea when or if this will be released for T28 phones?
Hi All ,

This feature will be supported on new V73 . Smile You can creat DSS KEY type "Prefix" (e.g *3)and BLF (e.g. 123).And you press Prefix key then BLF key ,phone will dial *3123.

Best Regards ,
When is V73 going to be released?
Within one or two months . Wink
I have just installed v73 and the Prefix + Extension works great. E.g *55 is my PBX intercom code and then I simply press a DSS key or dial an extension to initiate an intercom.

The issue is that the Value displays on the LCD of the phone when the one touch key (Prefix) is pressed vs. the Label.

So I press my Prefix key that is labeled Intercom and *55 displays and then when I press the DSS/BLF key or dial the extension 1002 the LCD of the phone changes to read Intercom.

Is there a way to have the word intercom (label) display as soon as I press the prefix key? This would remove any confusion to an end user.
Hi Ken Dever,

Sorry, I am afraid that our phone doesn't support this feature currently. Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will collect more requirements from other end users.

thanks for your support to Yealink support. Smile
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