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Full Version: Button to predial before a DSS key
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Hello all,
I tested on our T46G, and this feature works, as the attached, when you press linekey 6 and linekey 7, it will dial out *58521
But when i tested on T2X phones, this doesn't work. Really sorry for this, i think there's something are missing when R&D modify the firmware.
I already submitted this issue to our R&D, and let them fix this ASAP.
Any update will let you know ASAP.
Sorry again.
Any progress on this?
Hi rlsabin,

Sorry for your inconvenience. Our R&D department is analyzing this problem now.
Any update will let you know ASAP.
Sorry again
Have there been any developments on getting this feature to work on the T28P phones?
Any word on when we might see this functionality in the T28P phones?

Is there any kind of an ETA for having this work in the T28P phones? I have a few customers that this would work well for.

Yealink is this still being worked on I have customers that I have told that this feature was going to be available based on your past posts in this forum. If this is not still in the works I will need to make other arrangements with my customers. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
WMacklemore this feature appears to have been added in the latest firmware x.71.0.165 and seems to work great on my systems. Thank you Yealink for listening to us.

Any plans to add this to the T38G? This is highly needed for us.
(03-29-2014 12:23 AM)jrpark Wrote: [ -> ]Any plans to add this to the T38G? This is highly needed for us.

I agree. The T38 is getting left behind and I do not have the budget to replace all of my T38's.
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