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Full Version: Button to predial before a DSS key
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Thanks for jumping back in telepath. I am sure it is more than just the 2 of us that think this would be a great addition to Yealink's feature set. Maybe as more people discover this forum they will chime in and echo our request.
(12-29-2012 10:35 PM)telepathinc Wrote: [ -> ]In the new 2.70 firmware of T28P there is a PREFIX ( of sorts ) in the PICKUP VALUE of a BLF key. In our PBX, we dial *8xxx for a DIRECT CALL PICKUP. The Yealink firmware v70, allows a UNIVERSAL setting in the [ Phone ] tab, [ Features ] sub-tab [ Call Pickup ] section -
Direct Call Pickup = Enabled
Direct Call Pickup Code = *8 ( our setting)

Once we see a BLF key flashing and we want to DIRECT CALL PICKUP the phone, we just PRESS the flashing BLF and we see *8101 ( or whatever ext#) and we have "picked up" the call from ext 101.

THIS IS GREAT - however it still is a SINGLE KEY - SINGLE COMMAND - in this a VERY SMART command *8101 ( but this PREFIX is built into the key - WHEN THE STATE IS "RINGING")

So here is an example of INCREDIBLE GOOD YEALINK FIRMWARE - but it does not solve the "prefix" problem

SO THE QUESTION remains - and it is at the core of the FIRMWARE level - Can we have some sort of PREFIX key, that does NOT execute the command until a SECOND key is pressed such as

Voice Announce Key ( #3 for risabin *90 for me ) and THEN press BLF key 101 and the phone sends #3101 for risabin or *90101 for me

Thanks for your information , there is a "Prefix " option in the DSS key, when you press the Prefix button, the value of the Prefix will be displayed in the LCD then you can enter the remain number, maybe we can add this feature like , when you press the Prefix button , and then BLF button, then the phone will dial out the number Prefix value +BLF Value.
I will submit it to the product department .

Best Regards!
Yealink Support Team
That is exactly what we are looking for.

I'd also love this feature. This would be awesome for straight to voice mail, call pickup, intercom, etc. Looking forward to it.
Any update on this? I've tested even with the lastest firmware on the T46 and it still does not work as requested (Prefix + BLF).
jtcary I am keeping my fingers crossed that this functionality may be included in the V71 software. There have been some other posts requesting the same thing and Yealink has stated that the request for this feature had been sent on to the development folks.

Yealink do you know if this functionality is going to be included in the V71 software. I have seen several other threads on here
with people stating that they could really use this feature.

Hello all,
We will add this feature in our V71 commercial firmware.
Now is still beta V71 firmware, we will public V71 commercial firmware when it's released.
Maybe in August, thanks.
That's great. Thank you for listening to us.

OK I see the V71 firmware has been released but I don't see any mention of this feature in the release notes. Can you tell me how to set this up? I have customer that are waiting for this feature.

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