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Full Version: Yealink T19 E2 not support CTI mode
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Yealink T19 E2 not support CTI mode when specifiy IP Adddress class what IP Address Subnet for Yealink support?
Would you please tell me the detail info or example?
Normally, the phone can support all IP address, it's depend on network environment.
Thank, Yealink support for your response.

We have order Yealink T19 E2 and Implement for IP phone but we have problem
I have install 3CX system version 14.0 , 3CX soft phone version 14 and Yealink T19 E2 also run as CTI mode.
I have a problem it can not press "Answer" on 3CX soft phone but can be "Decline". The ip address setting 172.2.138.xx/24 on Yealink T19 E2.
If ip address setting 192.168.xx.xx/24 on Yealink T19 E2 it dose work. I nessesary use ip address 172.2.138.xx/24.
What are you have suggests?

What IP Addess subnet for Yealink support ?
My System Environment for Test.
3CX server >>IP Address 172.2.138.xx/24
3CX softfphone >> IP Address 172.2.138.xx/24
Yealink T19 E2 >>>>IP Address

Thank You.

Maybe the selected Local Subnet is the cause of your issue?
172.2.138.xx/24 is not a Local Subnet for a Private Network
192.168.xx.xx/24 is a valid Subnet for a Private Network

In 3CX:
Default Local Subnets reserved for Private Networks by the IETF and IANA RFC1918 are:,, and
Hi, Complex1
Thank You very much.
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