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Full Version: Availability status on phone screen
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With many pbx (like 3cx) you can set different forwarding scenarious based on your status, like "available", "out of office", "away" etc. Currently you can already use dialcodes to set your status via Speeddial Linekeys (for 3cx it's *31 or *32 ...). But you don't get a visual feedback on the phone which status is active (like you get when setting DND or an always transfer locally on the phone via the small Icons).

It would be nice to get visual Feedback regarding the status. Either on the display like the DND Icon or by using the Linkekey LEDs.

Some ideas how this may look like:

option 1:
On the phone, for each status, that the user wants to use on this phone, one Linekey has to be defined. It would be nice if the green LED could be on, if the Status defined for the Linekeys is acitve.

option 2:
Only one key for the status. The text changes bases on the Status (available, away etc.) , maybe even the colour. If you press the key, you can select a new status. It would be nice to be able to define, which status are available for the user to set.

option 3:
Just one key for the status, but the text doesn't change. Three different status can be shown with the LED: Green, Red and off. Those can be defined setting up the BLF Key. The key can be used to switch status.

option 4:
No BLf Keys involved, just show the status on the phone display, maybe next to the date.

Obviously some collaboration between the pbx vendors an Yealink would be required, to make this easy.
Thank you for your info, I will submit this suggestion to our PD.
Hello Karl, was this feature ever implemented?
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