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Full Version: T23G no audio on 10% of calls
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Hi all

We recently received some new T23-G handsets. We have been using T22's in our office for a while without issues. We set up the T23's with the same config setup on the same network.

Around 1 in 10 calls to the T23 phones have no audio on either end. The rest of the time audio is fine, no delay or problems with audio quality. I have updates the firmware to the latest version - Are there any known issues relating to audio dropping infrequently?

I have attached syslog and pcap from one of the calls which had no audio.

i'm not great at reading wireshark...
when this happens to me - it was firewall issue.
PBX has ports 9000-9100 open for audio - but firewall only allowed 9000-9050. So some calls were ending up in the higher port range and audio was not passing.
Hi Craig

We also assumed it was a firewall issue, but it doesn't appear to be the case. We have double checked the settings are the same as the T22's, and even tried disabling the firewalls temporarily. I'm beginning to think there may be some kind of firmware issue.

Yealink, have there been any other reports of this kind of problem?

I will give you respond via email.
I find you had sent email to our Support mail box, so I will give you respond from email.
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