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Full Version: Muticast paging issues
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We have set up multicast paging on our system using the following directions.

Create Button for Paging:
On T2X series phone under DSS Key select either the memory key or line key you would like to use for paging.
Select Multicast page from drop down menu and Label as you wish.
In the Value Field type in a valid Multicast address and port number such as and save settings

Set up phones to Listen to Multicast address:
Under the contacts tab select Multicast Paging
You can enter up to 10 Multicast address and port combinations for the phone to listen to.
Enter the listening address for the page all in the box as above
Save settings

When the Page-All button is selected all phones set to listen to the multicast address will receive the page as long as they are in the same VLAN. To go across Layer 3 boundaries some routing magic will need done.

To create Zones simply group phones according to a different port number and assign a new memory or line key to page the appropriate multicast-address and port such at for Zone 1 paging, for Zone2 etc.

The paging feature works now but the only problem is that it puts all active calls on hold when someone uses this function.

What are we doing wrong?
do you have PAGING BARGE disabled?
We use mostly T38's and T46's but have 1 T26 which has this option.
We do have Intercom Barge disabled I've set a screen shot of how it is set up.
(02-20-2014 10:33 PM)RyanW Wrote: [ -> ]We do have Intercom Barge disabled I've set a screen shot of how it is set up.
Hi RyanW,
Please check the paging barge option as my attach picture.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=579]
@RyanW - Sorry - on the Multicast Page - not on the Intercom page.
Thanks guys! We got it all set and got our auto provision set correctly!
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