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Full Version: WAN Failover Re-Registration Failure with F/W on T46G
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I updated one of our test phones with the new firmware of, which supposedly includes the fix for a situation when a WAN failover occurs, re-registration takes up to 10 minutes to initiate. The phone I'm working with is a T46G.

For this test phone, that process of a re-registration initiating appears to be fixed, as it seems to start re-registering as I have set for the "SIP Registration Retry Timer" setting, in this case, 2 seconds.

However, the phone fails to actually register, and then seems to attempt over and over for about 15 minutes, before it finally successfully registers. I can't seem to figure out from the logs why this is happening, other than possibly this being another bug in the firmware.

Below is a snippet of the log I've captured from the phone, while it is in the re-register loop:

Feb 12 18:14:15 sua [632]: REG <5+notice> [000] Register: start...
Feb 12 18:14:15 sua [632]: APP <5+notice> [SIP] linestatus lid:0, enable=1, tick=0, old_status:1, new_status:1
Feb 12 18:14:15 ipvp[728]: IPVP<5+notice> 855.626.260:Message=0x00040001(0x00000000+0x00000001+0)
Feb 12 18:14:15 sua [632]: NET <5+notice> [000] reusing connection (to dest=<Public IP of PBX>:5060)
Feb 12 18:14:15 sua [632]: DLG <5+notice> [000] Message sent: (to dest=<Public IP of PBX>:5060 len=613)
Feb 12 18:14:15 Log [700]: DKUI<4+warnin> ParseLogicData bLightChange(1)
Feb 12 18:14:47 sua [632]: REG <4+warnin> [000] Register: no responser, server id:0
Feb 12 18:14:47 sua [632]: DLG <5+notice> [000] Release a terminated transaction
Feb 12 18:14:47 sua [632]: APP <5+notice> [SIP] linestatus lid:0, enable=1, tick=0, old_status:1, new_status:3
Feb 12 18:14:47 ipvp[728]: IPVP<5+notice> 887.642.596:Message=0x00040001(0x00000000+0x00000003+136)
Feb 12 18:14:47 Log [700]: DKUI<4+warnin> ParseLogicData bLightChange(1)

This snippet shows up over and over for each re-registration attempt. At no point is communication to the PBX lost, as the other phones (on lower firmware, and not subject to the failover testing I'm doing) remain connected.

Can anyone help?
Really? No response?

This is killing my trust with clients if we are unable to properly provide failover for their phones...
Hi Alpha_Link,

Did you have any luck fixing this issue?

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