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Full Version: Yeastar with Yealink+BLF = crash
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Hi all,

First of all Happy Chinese new year !

I am using the YeaStar IPPBX Soho in combination several Yealink phones.
In the Yealink phones I have programmed BLF-keys.

If someone is talking with an external call and an other phone is picking up a new call with the BLF key, the SOHO crashes.
Yeastar blames the new firmware in the Yealink phones, that the BLF functionality in the Yealink crashes Asterisk software in the YeaStar...

Am I the only one with the problem ?

Kind regards,
Sorry for late respond as we are back to office from Chinese New Year holiday.

How about the problem now?

Please tell me the firmware of the phones, and how many phones do you have?

Do you mean that:
A minitor B, C take a call to B and B don't pick up the call. Then A press the BLF key to pick up the call and it fail?
If not, please tell me detail info.
Hi patrick,

We are experiencing the same issue. Can you confirm what version of phone firmware you are using and also the phone model. Please also the PBX firmware version.

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